Smoke Star E-Cig Review

Today, I am writing on my favorite e-cig brand called Smoke Star E Cig. I have been using these for quite a long time now. the good thing that happened with me while I was using this device was that my urge to smoke tobacco decreased because honestly this e cigarette gives me the kick the traditional smoke provides but with least risk to my lungs!

I am sharing my experience in this review.

What Is It?

It is an electronic cigarette that doesn’t contain tobacco. It is made using only liquid solution of nicotine and other harmless ingredients. It is a fine alternative to traditional cigarettes which fill your gut with tobacco laced smoke and choke your lungs.

Facts to Consider!

E-cigarettes also enjoy a legal status for usage in public places in several countries, but with certain restrictions in many places. Like people under 18 years of age are not allowed to use this product, because, tobacco or no tobacco, it is a smoking device nevertheless!

What Does The Package Contain?

  1. Stainless Atomizer
  2. USB charger
  3. Lithium Ion Battery
  4. Wall Charger
  5. Hard Plastic Carrying Case
  6. 5 flavored Nicotine fills (cartridges)
  7. Designer display box

How Does Smoke Star E Cig Work?

Because it is electronic, it doesn’t need any external source of lighting like matchsticks or lighting. If lighted, the battery may even explode thus one should never user external lighting factors with these.

It works by a simple method – Inhale-Exhale. That’s it! Just inhale and the cartridge will begin heating of the solution itself and then exhale and what will come out is mere water vapor. Before inhaling, the parts of the product have to be assembled as instructed in the Manual. Make sure that the battery is optimally charged before using.

Some Useful Instructions

  1. When you inhale, the led indicator on the other end will light up (blue) and this means that the cigarette is functioning properly
  2. If this led indicator starts blinking then it’s time for another trip to the charger
  3. Don’t use lighter or any other fire source to ignite

What Sets Smoke Star E Cig Apart?

  1. Because this is much affordable compared to other brands’ subscription plans
  2. The package offers all accessories that makes traveling with it pretty easy
  3. Cartridges contain harmless solution
  4. Easily available online
  5. Less messy, no smoke or bad smell

What makes it a Better Alternative?

It’s not just affordable but also hassle-free and convenient. I personally like this since there are flavorings available and I can choose the strength of the solution plus its a one time investment that can last you for more than a year.

I am glad to be using these since it does really not make me feel embarrassed of the bad breath or smell even when I am in a public place.

Where To Buy this electronic smoking device?

Smoke Star E Cig can be ordered online. Before buying check if the assortments are all there in the package.